Cheap Travel Agents – Are They the Best Way to Save on Your Travel Plans?

With the advent of the internet it has become a little easier to find cheap travel agents. The traditional agents now face fierce competition because customers are saving money by booking direct with airlines and hotels on the web. Competition has also increased through smaller agents operating solely online. Such companies are usually operated by just one person so overheads are very small.

When looking for cheap travel agents it is important to do your homework and exhaust all options before deciding which one is giving you the best deal. Make sure you are aware of any hidden costs and commissions. Another important factor is making sure the travel agent you opt for is fully bonded. One trick is to find the best deal and then visit your high street agents to see if they are prepared to offer you anything better. Though, sometimes success with this strategy can be limited to certain times of the year.

Not as many people bother with the traditional high street agents anymore because of the internet. This can sometimes be a mistake especially because there are many cheap travel agents on the high street who also offer discounts on other services such as scuba diving lessons, ski lift passes etc. Not only could this save you money but also a lot of time and research as they do all the legwork for you.

It is true that many savings can be made by spending time to search for cheap travel agents but remember such companies do need to make a commission with every vacation they sell. Remember to check airline rates and hotel rates separately to see if you can save that way.

Of course the best way of saving money is if you have a friend or relative in the travel industry who is willing to let you know when any deals with massive savings become available. Not everyone is so fortunate though but I am sure if you are polite enough most travel agents will keep your name and telephone number and will call you with any deals they think might interest you.

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